Base Narrow Canines are painful!

What are base narrow canines?
Base narrow canines or linguoverted canine teeth is a condition where the lower mandibular canine teeth are pointing up into the upper maxillary gums instead of outwards.
Every time the pet closes the mouth, the tips of the teeth strike the gums or hard palate causing trauma and pain.

Treatment of base narrow canines in puppies
If you have ever played with a puppy then you will know that their temporary (deciduous) teeth are sharp and pointy. If those pointy canines are found by our Veterinarians to be traumatising the soft tissues in the mouth, then intervention will be recommended to treat this painful condition.
Puppies that are 6-12 weeks old are given a general anaesthetic and the lower canine teeth that are causing trauma are removed.
Our Veterinarians must be very careful as it is possible to cause damage to the unerupted permanent teeth.
The roots of the deciduous canines are very long, so our Vets are careful to avoid breaking the roots.
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